A few weeks ago I headed up to Killarney Provincial Park to present at the Friends of Killarney annual winter gathering. What a hoot. Not only was it a great time to be in Killarney (March has to be one of my favorite) but it was very uplifting to see so many kindred spirits gathered in a place they cherish so much.

We all camped out in the park's new yurts. I was even on CBC Radio's Fresh Air show on the Saturday morning being interviewed directly from inside my yurt. It wasn't my first time "yurting" but it had been awhile. You're not allowed dogs in park yurts and Bailey, my dog whom passed away a few months ago, always kept me from making a booking.

Yurts are a great addition to parks since they allow you to explore and enjoy the pleasures of what parks have to offer during the off-season but still have a warm and dry place to escape to at the end of the day. I did prefer the wooden heated yurts at Silent Lake much better then the electric ones in Killarney — I found the electric heat a tad too dry and the blower noisy through the night. But again, overall I would yurt in Killarney again for sure.

For more information: Killarney and the Friends of Killarney.