becky and reid_jpg_t285I knew it was a cool idea at the time but never thought it would be such a success. The idea was to celebrate the Canadian Canoe Museum's National Canoe Day by handing out a number of paddles and have canoeists make use of them, then post their trip and pass on the paddle to another canoeist.

It all started when last year when I ended up leaving my spare paddle on a portage put-in while paddling with the family in Ontario's Chiniguichi area. It had something to do with a nuisance bear stalking us and nasty storm heading our way (see previous Lost Paddle post for the entire story). But I got the paddle back - that is after the person who found it (owner of Sportsman Lodge) lent it out to paddlers all season. It ended up to be a real cool thing to happen to me though. I eventually got the paddle back, gathered all the stories of where it had been by the people who borrowed it, and then lent it out again to keep the stories going.

That led to the creation of the Canadian Canoe Museum's National Canoe Day blog "Paddle, Post and Pass it On project. They made up 12 paddles, handed them out and had the owners do the same

Well, take a look at the web site showing where all the paddles went and what happened to them along the way. It will blow you away. It's absolutely amazing, really. This is proof that canoeing is defeintely part of our Canadian Culture.