gala guests140001_JPG_t285Another successfull Wilderness Clean-Up weekend. I'll send out all the details when we get them in, but the project had participants across the globe. Our Kawartha group cleaned up Cold and Cox Lake. Most of the sites weren't too bad (some were horrible). The main organizer, Nancy Maddock, was there organizing us all. Deb and Mike also helped out. And Ashley (Speedo Man) came along with Kyla, my four-year-old daughter, and I.

The group camped out since Friday but Ash, Kyla and I only went for the Saturday (I was parenting this weekend since my wife, Alana, was running the London marathon). It was a good thing we only went for the day. The rain and cold weather got to Kyla a bit and we retreated back to the vehicle by 3:00 pm. Kyla was a trooper though. So was Ashley. But the metal of honour goes to Deb, Mike, Nancy and her brother for camping out in the nasty weather, and collecting the garbage. The park Super for Kawatha Highlands also volunteered to pick up all our trash we had collected.

kyla and Kevin0001_JPG_t565


Good thing I didn't wear my speedo today.

col kyla0001_JPG_t565

Thanks for your cozy blanket, Nancy.

ash and kyla0001_JPG_t565

Ash and Kyla only argued once in the front of the canoe - and it was who tooted the most.

gala guests140001_1_JPG_t565

Can we go home now dad?

mike and deb0001_JPG_t565

Mike and Deb love picking up garbage together.

nancy and brother0001_JPG_t565