wp cover_jpg_t285I'm thrilled to announce that my new book is out, titled "Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss". It's my 12th. book, and I can honestly say that's its my most "unique" book to date. The publisher asked me to write a second Happy Camper "how-to" book since it did so well. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to write a more deep-thinking type book on why we go camping in the wilderness in the first place. The book is a combination of both.

In my humble opinion, the darn book is hilarious (and has a lot of that "deep-thinking" stuff hidden throughout as well).

Check out the funny video I made up for it.

Here's the chapter title:

Chapter 1 The Art of Anticipation: Getting Ready for Your Trip, Doing the Research, Map and Flap Parties, Lightweight and Fancy Free, Routes Less Traveled, Camping in the Backyard, Spending More Time Out There

Chapter 2 Good Camping Companions, Taking the Kids Camping, Dog Paddling, How to Make Love in a Canoe, The Zen of Solo Tripping, Women Only, Please,

Chapter 3 Cool Camp Gadgets and Fashion Statements, Homegrown Gadgets, Understanding My GPS Manual, Traditional Gear that Still Works, Good Fashion Sense, The Perfect Camp Hat, Green Gear,

Chapter 4 All the Thrills with None of the Spills: How We Get Around , Mr. Canoehead Kayaking , Car-Camping , Mountain Biking, Walking in the Woods,

Chapter 5 Feeling at Home in the Wilderness, The Birth of the Therm-a-rest, Staying Warm and Cozy, Toothbrush Tutorial , Pooping Perfectly in the Woods, Sauna Sweat is the Best Sweat , Skinny Dipping,

Chapter 6 Eating Well , Recipe Contest, Baking in the Bush, More S'mores,

Chapter 7 Bush Martinis and Other Wilderness Spirits , Perfect Bush Martini , There's a Blackfly in My Chardonnay, Hot Toddies, Single Malt Whisky, Irish Camp Coffee,

Chapter 8 Getting Close to Wildlife - But Not Too Close!, Common Camp Critters, Who Pooped Behind My Tent?, Lynx Encounter , Running with the Moose in Northern Ontario, Catching a Trout on a Fly,

Chapter 9 Watching the Weather, Keeping Warm and Dry, A Wise Sailor Once Said…, Lightning Does Strike Twice, Watching the Night Sky, Moon Magic, Northern Lights, Somewhere Over the Rainbow,

Chapter 10 Exploration: The Joys of Living to Tell the Tale, Knowing Trips Worse than Yours, River Paddling, Loving to Portage, Sharing Bear Stories, What We Really Fear Is…,

Chapter 11 Intrinsic Values of Wilderness, That Special Place, Campfires, Living Primitively , Wilderness and the Art of Deception ,