2010cleanup2_02_jpg_t285 (1)Wow! I just got the results from the U.K. and Brazil's partcipants in the Great Wilderness Clean-Up. Amazing volunteer work in collecting garbage. They definitely beat our groups in Ontario. And I think the group that cleaned up the Barr-Loch system beat my canoemate, Andy Baxter, for the oddest piece of garbage found. Andy found a mouth guard but they found the largest black bra I've ever seen.

Andy and I returned to Bottle and Sucker Lake this past weekend to finish cleaning up. We were too busy trying to keep warm and dry last weekend to do a proper clean up. Problem was, we found ourselves cleaning up the same sites we cleaned up last weekend. Ah crap. Why do people leave this stuff behind???

For more information on the U.K. and Brazil groups, check out the Song of the Paddle forum HERE and HERE.