The Olympics are almost here! But that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors, glued to your TV during this gorgeous mid-summer weather to make sure you don’t miss a beat. After all, we know you want to be enjoying the outdoors—paddling, cycling, running—just like the Olympic athletes are. Well, maybe not just like them. We’ve rounded up some of the top apps to keep you connected on-the-go, so you can enjoy the games, without sacrificing all of the great adventure and travel opportunities this season has to offer.

To live stream:
CTV Olympics London 2012
Cost: Free

As the official Canadian broadcaster for London 2012, Bell Media’s CTV Olympics London 2012 will give you access to live streaming of the games and up-to-the-minute video highlights. Still, it’s worth downloading before the games start as well. On the day of the opening ceremonies (July 27th), you can get live video coverage straight from London, including broadcasts from TSN and Sportsnet as well as CTV, along with other great features. As an added bonus, this app will also give you the chance to win tons of prizes, which includes attending the London 2012 Closing Ceremonies.

To stay on track:
London 2012 Official Results App
Cost: Free

Since it’s not likely you’ll be live streaming the Olympics on a continuous basis while you’re away from home, this app will allow you to keep track of when things are happening. The app’s calendar not only lays out what sporting events are taking place each day, it also allows you to choose your favourites, creating reminders for when they take place. If you still manage to miss something, all results will be posted in real-time, and you can even search for athletes by sport and country to get individual profiles, sports background, medal counts, the latest news and photos.

To get up close:
Reuters Olympics London 2012
Cost: Free

This app captures some of the Olympics’ finest moments—literally. Taken by Reuters award-winning photographers, this well-presented app is best enjoyed on as big a screen as possible, but can be appreciated on any compatible device. Delivering the finest Olympic moments, you can browse a timeline of photos to find some stunning images, which are tacked with interesting infographics about the sport being shown. So no matter how far away you are from the action this summer, this powerfully designed app will help you feel a little bit closer.