Yes, I'm promoting specific products on my Happy Camper site. Why? Well, it's because of the darn reflector oven I purchased from the Wooden Heritage Canoe Association a few years back. I absolutely loved the product and continually showed it off in videos and pictures on my web site and during my lecture tour. This led to people emailing me asking where I got it - a response that wasn't that easy. The company - which was rumoured to be some guy in Sweden who then shipped a few to a member of the Wooden Heritage Canoe Association in Hamilton, Ontario - wasn't easy to locate and it became a little time consuming helping people out. I ended up answering countless emails with limited information. And it wasn't just the reflector oven. There's been lots and lots of other products I've enjoyed and indirectly promoted, and answered emails about them. So when the guys at the Canadian Outdoor Equipment store in Mississauga Canadian Outdoor Equipment approached me about promoting some products they sell on my Happy Camper site, I agreed. I love their store and find myself buying way too much gear from them on line myself.

All the items I've given a Thumbs Up on have been used on countless trips and I appreciate the gang at Canadian Outdoor Equipment to help highlight them on line.