Will Stanhope climbing Southern Belle
Credit: Ben Ditto
In 2011, explore magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary by rounding up 30 bright up-and-comers. Read on to meet Canada’s best outdoor athletes, innovators, green leaders, volunteers and adventurers.

Youth: Fast facts

  • 51% of Canadians in their 20s 
live with their parents (28% of boomers did, and 31% of gen X-ers)
 (Statistics Canada)

  • Sports participation among 19- to 24-year-olds has dropped 20% since 1992
 (Statistics Canada)

  • 51% of 20-somethings think the companies they work for would run better 
if they were in charge
 (Vision Critical)

  • Young Canadians spend 75% of their leisure time—or about 5 hours a day—online, on the phone or watching TV (Statistics Canada)

  • 71% of young Canadians 
live in urban areas (Census of Canada)

  • 20% of international 
travellers are 
aged 15 to 25 (World Tourism)

  • 47% of young people can text while blindfolded (CTIA/The Wireless Association)

  • 29% of young Canadians can 
hold a conversation in both French and English (Statistics Canada)

  • Youth voter turnout 
is below 40% (Elections Canada)