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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Tom Thomson's Last Bonfire
Kevin Callan takes a look through the newest book about one of Canada's most enduring mysteries: the death of artist...
The Happy Camper: Paddling Home
Kevin Callan talks about the simple pleasures of "paddling home."
The Happy Camper: Canoe Tripping on Canada's 150th
Kevin Callan and Camper Christina headed out on a Canada Day canoe trip. What a way to spend the 150th!
The Happy Camper: Retracing the 1906 Nova Scotia Tent Dwellers' Trip
Kevin Callan retraced a famous, historic canoe route in Nova Scotia. How'd he fare?
The Happy Camper: Canoeing is NOT a Dying Sport
Kevin Callan has heard people say "canoeing is a dying sport." He begs to differ—and has the photos to prove...
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