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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Mosquitoes, Black Flies and Ticks
Kevin Callan talks about those pesky early-summer bugs. And the best ways to keep them at bay!
The Happy Camper: Two Delicious Campsite Recipes
Campsite cooking can be a challenge. Fresh is best, but what to make out there? To whet your appetite, here...
The Happy Camper: Camper Christina Talks About Solo Camping for Women
Kevin Callan went on a canoe trip with "Camper Christina" to discuss solo wilderness travel from a woman's perspective.
The Happy Camper: Whisky and Rapids in Scotland
Kevin Callan talks about one of his favourite trips of all time—a dreamscape of quality whisky and amazing canoeing in...
The Happy Camper: Eco-Cookware Review
Kevin Callan chats about a some new environmentally friendly camp cookware he picked up. It looks cool, but there is...
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