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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Explore the Nova Scotia Wilderness in 360 VR
You absolutely HAVE to watch this incredible 360 VR video of canoeing in the wilderness of Nova Scotia. Mind blowing!
The Happy Camper: The Launch of my 2018 Speaking Tour
Kevin Callan is about to go live—catch him at a speaking tour this spring!
The Happy Camper: Winter Camping on Crown Land in Ontario
Kevin Callan talks about how you can stake out a free campsite—if you're willing to work for it. (Plus find...
The Happy Camper: Dutch Oven Stout Stew (Camp Recipe)
Looking for a winter camping recipe? This one is perfect for your hot-tent adventures:
The Happy Camper: Best Hot Tent Designs
Looking for a hot tent to tackle comfy winter camping? Kevin Callan talks about the best designs:
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