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The Happy Camper

Suffering from pre-mature tent-erectile disfunction
Who knew winter wasn't over yet. I didn't. I seriously thought spring was here for sure in Ontario, and to...
Did anyone know about National Wildlife Week?
Thought this might be worth passing along to some of you - you'll see this year's theme is based on...
Lost a student in the woods? Text message him
I lost a student in the woods last week. My General Arts and Science students I co-ordinate at Sir Sandford...
Presenting in Oshawa and Barrie this week - my mom says it's a funny show!
Thought some of you would want to know that I'm presenting on my new book Wilderness Pleasures in Oshawa...
Canoecopia 2009 timeslapse - ya gotta check it out!
I always come home exhausted after speaking at Canoecopia, and this year was no exception. I had close to...
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