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The Happy Camper

Dumpster diving for Snuggies
There aren't many days I wander around in a daze pondering over what to write in my blog. It's happened,
White Squall Tim says GORP "tastes like chicken"
I get a lot of on-line newsletters associated with paddling sports sent to me. And I read most of them.
The big chill
It's true what they say, hyperthermia kills. The "big chill" inflicts more paddlers then any other outdoor calamity. Problem is,
My new dog Ellie can’t swim – who knew?
I came back from a trip a couple weeks ago and discovered my wife bought a dog. I guess that's...
Canadian Canoe Museum hits the road
I've been following another blog lately "Hit the Road with Raffan", by James Raffan (and his attorney at law Thelma...
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