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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: The Worst Winter Storms in History
If you think this winter is cold, check out some of history's worst winter storms:
The Happy Camper: Passion for Paddling Mini-Doc
Someone made a documentary about Kevin Callan! (And it's pretty darn good, too!)
The Happy Camper: Finding Your Way in the Winter
Don't get lost in a whiteout! Follow The Happy Camper's rules for navigating out-of-doors in the winter season.
The Happy Camper: Winter Weather Forecasting Terms
Do you know what defines a "blizzard?" Thanks to Kevin Callan, you can now sound like a pro when chatting...
The Happy Camper: Top Outdoorsy YouTube Channels
Christmas holidays are here and it’s time to sip on egg nog and binge-watch your favourite outdoorsy YouTube channels.
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