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I’m off on my 20-day Algonquin canoe trip — The Meanest Link — as of June 21.

Make sure to check my Happy Camper Facebook Page, as well as Explore’s Facebook Page, for an update. I’ll be using my SPOT device for tracking but also a wireless router with my new SPOT satellite phone. I’ll be sending text and photos each day — if it works.

My house is a mess with all the gear spread out. Since the route has 93 portages, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get my load down enough to do a single portage. My regular canoe partner, Andy Baxter, will be joining me for a portion of the trip and then I’m left alone for the rest. That’s when single carries will be difficult.

Below is a video showing the food list for 20 days. Thankfully Algonquin Outfitters will be doing three food drops, which greatly reduces the amount of weight in the pack. All the meals are dehydrated and made at home. I made up a number of recipes by using a mixture of pasta, rice, cous-cous and quinoa as a base for the meals and then added sauces (curry, spaghetti, salsa) and dried veggies (tomato, olives, egg plant, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers). I also will be packing my reflector oven and baking bread or bannock every few days. I even have a pizza for night 12 of the trip.

And, of course, I have a bit of booze packed. Highlander 12-year-old single malt, Black Grouse blended whisky, Dock 57 spiced whisky and a bit of vodka and zambuca.

Looking forward to the trip.