Nuts & Trail Mix

Midday is no time to run short on energy.

However, even when there is no time to sit down to a full meal there are still plenty of energy-boosting options that keep the body ready for adventure all day long.

Complex Carbohydrates

For those trying to watch their waistline, carbohydrates have earned a bad reputation. However, for the active person, there are few better quick sources of energy for an active day. For a quick and easy energy boost from carbs, try packing some whole grain crackers, perhaps smeared with peanut butter. This little snack will give the major energy boost for the midday lull.


Chocolate also has a bad reputation. On a busy day, though, chocolate becomes the athlete's new best friend. Chocolate gives a near immediate energy boost from the sugar and small amounts of caffeine within. Whether a bag of chocolate chips or a candy bar, a little chocolate goes a long way in terms of energy. (In moderation.)

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit, like raisins, apricots or cherries, are a healthier alternative to quick-boosting chocolate. Dried fruit (or fresh fruit) provides immediate energy for sports, without the refined sugar found in chocolate. Fruits also have high amounts of fiber, potassium and vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at its peak. For those who prefer fresh fruits, apples and bananas are legendary and portable sources of energy.


Unlike fruit, chocolate and other sources of carbs, nuts are not a fast-acting source of energy. Nuts are for after that immediate energy goes away. They are packed full of protein, which makes for longer and more sustainable source of energy — a slow burn. Incorporating nuts into a quick midday snack assures that athletes will have the energy to keep having fun all day long. While almonds are considered the "super-nut" due to having as much protein as some meat, any nut is an acceptable source of long-lasting energy.


For those who have just had an energy-boosting snack but are still feeling sluggish, a healthy dose of H20 is probably what you require. Dehydration causes low energy levels, which, even after boosted by food, will still leave you wanting for energy.

Quick Snack Ideas:

Trail mix is a legendary energy food and it is easy to see why. Trail mix combines the sustaining energy found in a variety of nuts and seeds as well as the quick energy brought on by the sugars in chocolate and dried fruit. It is easily the perfect snack for any activity.

Yogurt with granola makes a great portable treat for a midday snack. While yogurt doesn't do much in providing quick energy it does provide vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body. With its grains and carbohydrates, granola is the real energy producer. (Plus, the granola gives flavour to plain yogurt.)