les_jpg_t285I just purchased Les Stroud's new book "Survive: Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere - Alive?" Oddly enough, I purchased it at Cosco for my Mother-in-Law. She's a huge fan of Stroud's TV show Survivorman. I guess I can proudly claim that my Mother-in-law is cool.

It's a good book but I doubt it getting a lot of press right now. The media is more compelled to cover the story of how Les Stroud just called it quits on his hit TV show.

"It takes a lot out of me as I really do what I do for real, with no camera crew, no nights in hotels like others do, and it takes a toll on my body," Stroud told Reporters.

"You can only do seven days surviving without food a certain number of times a year. I'm pleased with what I have done, I've been copied around the world, but 25 times I've not eaten anything for a week while sleeping on rocks. I need to move on."

I'm not all that surprised about Les moving on to other things. I talked to him a few months back at the National Magazine Awards and he mentioned a long list of future projects. In fact, every time I chat with Les he's mentioning a long list of future projects, which is why he's so successfull. He is always looking forward and not afraid of jumping into new projects.

I really liked his show, and I like his book (I ended up going back to Cosco for another copy since I flipped through my Mother-in-laws present so much), and I'll defintely like anything else that he musters up for TV or other media.