Who knew winter wasn't over yet. I didn't. I seriously thought spring was here for sure in Ontario, and to prove it I went out camping this week — a day before a major winter storm hit and dropped over 20 cm of snow.

It's definitely untrue that the early bird gets the worm. My first day out, the temperatures were a balmy 10 degrees. I enjoyed listening to robins, red-winged blackbirds and even a nesting killdeer. I even watched a great-blue heron feeding along side an unfrozen pond. And then it dropped over night to a high of minus 6, which immediately put Spring on hold, and I woke up to a blinding snowstorm that lasted two solid days. Nasty!

I definitely wasn't mentally prepared for the change in weather. But I was at least physically prepared, having packed lots of layers in case it got cold. And I brought a four-season tent along as well — the Eureka K-2 XT. Check out the video to see how I not only coped with the weather but actually got a good taste of winter before it leaves us for sure — I hope.

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