Stoic Breathe 90

Summer is short. Use these products to stay active in the heat

ExOfficio Sol Cool Tee

This shirt is UV proof, loose fitting, moisture wicking and fast drying, but it's the Xylitol treatment on the Sol Cool that will keep you…well, so cool. The cooling agent-you already know it from toothpaste and chewing gum-has a noticeable effect when its stinking hot.

Stoic Breathe 90 T-Shirt

This is the lightest-weight shirt we've ever worn-it feels like it's barely there. The Polartec Power Dry fabric dries fast and wicks effectively. Maybe not as cool as the ExOfficio, but for backcountry days where every gram counts, the Breathe can't be beat.

BEX Runner

Keep your palms cool, and you'll help cool your core. Here's how it works: Stick this small gel pad in the freezer, then strap it to your hand before you run; your palms are cooling points for your whole body. BEX says the pad can help lower your heart rate during hot-weather exercise and leave you feeling more comfortable and alert.

Outdoor Research Swift Cap

Mesh vents on the side of this baseball-style cap let the breeze in, while a strip of lightweight nylon over the top protects your crown from the sun. The large brim shades your face down to your nose.

Mammut Creon Light 32 Backpack

Carrying a pack? Expect swack (back sweat). But as backpacks go, the Creon Light is one of the breeziest we've tried, with a void that runs top to bottom and side to side, allowing plenty of airflow. The full mesh backing sits well away from the body of the pack, yet the fit is snug enough that it never threw our balance off, even when we fully loaded this pack for a light overnight. Plus, the pack itself is super light-just 1 kg (2.2 lbs).