Prior to the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show I found myself doing lots of media to promote the show itself. So much media in fact that the week leading up to the event was an absolute blur and by the time I arrived at my last television appearance I had become somewhat complacent about what I should say and do during live television. I just wanted to get it done and go home for a nap. Of course, that's when life throws a curve ball.

The show was Stephen LeDrew Live on CP24. I had yet been on his show and knew little about the host - but it seemed simple enough. I was to show a bunch of camp gadgets to Stephen and he would chat about the upcoming outdoor show.

Who knew those items chosen would turn the interview into a sex chat on live television!

The Whiz easy - a device to allow women to stand up and urinate - started it all. Stephen was captivated with it. The info I gave on the device also brought all the staff hanging around the studio - seemingly bored silly starring at their computers - to gather around us while filming and be entertained.

The next device was Handpresso. It's an espresso maker that looks a lot like a penis, and it needs to be "pumped" like a tire pump for it to gain pressure. This was the turning point. The naive interview about camp gadgets turned twisted and Stephen's questions changed from asking about the Toronto Outdoor Show to "Have you ever had sex in the canoe, Kevin."

My mind was racing. How could I possible take control of the interview and change it back to the original intent? Another item would do the trick, I thought. Another item that had nothing to do with male or female sex organs. So I turned around and grabbed what I thought would do - a paddle float made by Northwater that can be used for four separate tasks (paddle float, comfy chair, sleeping mat and cushion to protect the bottom of your kayak while pulling it up on shore). Bad idea. Stephen asked what it was called. "The Fourplay" I replied. Ah crap! Never thought that one through.

At this point the staff members around the us were in stitches. And then it got worse. Stephen asked what it was used for. I panicked. Sleep deprived, exhausted from the busy week, my mind went blank. I couldn't remember what the darn thing was used for. And rather simply going to the next item, I blurted out "It's for having sex on, Stephen!"

There was no going back at this point. The rest of the interview was full of sexual content and I was thankful the show was on late at night (and that my mother wasn't watching). I've yet to see the clip but rumour has it that CP24 placed a "mature content" warning during the show.

Best part of it was that most of the studio workers who had gathered around to watch the event unfold were the producers and host of the CP24 Sex Matters show. Before I left the studio they asked me to be on their show in a couple weeks - I haven't replied to their request yet.