A few weeks ago, I was asked to blog about the Red Bull X Alps Adventure Race and just wanted to follow up that post, now that the race is over.

Of the 30 athletes that began the race in Salzburg, Austria, only 18 of these world class endurance athletes crossed the finish line in Monaco. As a reminder, the Red Bull X Alps race is an 850km adventure race in which athletes hike and paraglide their way through a challenging course including check in points at Tre Cime in Italy, the Matterhorn, Switzerland and Mont Blanc in France. Excitingly, included in the 18 finishers was Canada's own Max Fanderl who placed 15th!

Swiss athlete, Christian Maurer, was the first to cross the finish line, an impressive 150km ahead of second place finisher, Toma Coconea. Throughout the race, Maurer was able to fly (via paraglider) a total of 1321km (yes, KILOMETERS) and completed an equally impressive 486km hike over a two and a half week period.

Check out a full overview of race statistics, HERE as well as Photos and Video.