ray and kevin0001_JPG_t285Last season I helped BBC and Ray Mears with their documentary series on Canada's "Northern Wilderness" and I am very excited to annouce that the first of the series is to air this Sunday night (8:00 pm) on BBC (BBC Canada for us). Not sure if you get the channel (I just subscribed to it through my Gogeco so I can view the show) but I'm sure it will be an impressive series. Here's the details and overall review. Oh ya, Ray also put out a book on the journey he took across Canada - and even mentions our trip on the French River, which is really super cool!

Ray Mears Northern Wilderness Showing Sunday October 25th on BBC 2 at 8pm

Start of a new nature series in which Ray Mears journeys into Canada's unforgiving, yet stunning wilderness.

At the heart of Canada is a vast northern forest - the boreal forest. Like the Amazon, the boreal forest is of critical importance to all living things. Its trees and peatlands comprise one of the world's largest "carbon reservoirs". Its wetlands filter millions of gallons of water each day. It's a vast and intact forest ecosystem, home to moose and beaver, birch and spruce, insects and people.

For centuries this forest was seen to have no commercial value. In fact, frozen for 6 months of the year, it was deemed impenetrable, but ultimately when British pioneers, working with indigenous tribes, learned how to explore this land - they set the way for modern Canada to evolve.

Ray explores the wonder of this special place, giving insight as to how the eco system works, forest survival and traditional crafts. He sees how different it is in late summer and winter, learns about the interdependence of all things in the forest and unlocks the secrets of this forgotten place.
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