DSC_2048_JPG_t285I'm off for a week of paddling with bush craft expert Ray Mears. It's very exciting for two reasons: for starters, this is the perfect time to paddle (no bugs and no crowds) and second, Ray Mears is one heck of a nice guy to paddle with.

I'm helping him and BBC with a TV series on historic travel done in the Boreal forest and the noteable figures (i.e. Natives, voyageurs, explorers...) that made Canda's northern waterways a regular highway back a couple hundred years ago.

I spent some time in the early part of the season traveling with Ray and his crew, scouting areas to film - such as the French River and Quetico. It's all part of a six one-hour television series that will be out at the end of 2009.

If you don't know of Ray Mears and his crew, they've done some amazing films of bush craft and the history of. Check out his web site at:

I guarantee to have lots of stories when I get back.