The Canadian Rivers Network sent me this note today about the Naviagable Waters Act. Canoeists lost. But a lot of paddlers havn't given up the battle yet.

WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU As you know, in spite of our efforts, the Senate passed bill C-10 last week, with the undesirable amendments to the NWPA intact. You may also know that many Senators were not entirely comfortable with passing this legislation without giving it proper consideration, but in the end pressure was applied to speed it through so that the financial package could be delivered.

The Senate is planning to continue with hearings on the NWPA amendments, even though the bill has passed. We don't know what may be achieved by this but we think this is important. It will at least provide a public forum for the review of the NWPA changes. We expect these hearings to start soon.

WE NEED TO KNOW Who wants to be heard? If you represent an organization or business interest or association of any kind, anywhere in Canada, that has an interest in or is concerned about the impacts of the amendments to the NWPA... PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Organization Name: Organization Details (location, interest, number of members, brief description of business interest) Your Name (and position in the organization if applicable): Contact Information (email, phone) WHAT WE HOPE TO ACHIEVE We are trying to get a sense of how many organizations or people across the country might want an opportunity to be heard at the Senate hearings.

Your organization or business interest can be national, provincial, regional, or local. In fact you do not need to represent an organization. You can express an interest to beheard as an individual. Please respond to by 8 pm Monday March 23.

(Canadian Rivers Network)