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It's time once again to paddle round and round London's Fanshaw Lake to help raise money for cancer. Andy, Paul, Mike and I won last year. Not sure how though. And I'm sure we will be easy to beat this year. Lots more paddlers have registered. I hope to see everyone out there participating in the event. It's for a good cause and we have lots of fun. Nova Craft Canoe has done an incredible job organizing the event and get my respect for putting such an event together.

This year I'm paddling for Greg Neron of Kingston area. He's a fan of my books and video and emailed me in Febuary to let me know he was diagnosed with cancer and was quite worried about how his illness would effect his camping trips with his young son, Tristen. I sent him some encouragment by mailing him and his son one of my favorite paddles - the same paddle I used while researching my very first book - and said that he and his son were to use the paddle on their next trip together,

Greg did very well with treatments late this spring and is even planning on camping with Tristen later in the summer. I hope my paddle gets some use very soon!