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Just when I thought my life couldn't get any more bizarre - I found myself paddling a canoe amongst gigantic billboards promoting Cameron Diaz's Bad Teacher movie and the next line of sexy swimwear.

I was presenting canoe tripping demos for the Summer Fun in Ontario show held by Ontario Tourism at the Young and Dundas Square. I wasn't the only performer. There was Elvis, Shania Twin, Billy Elliot performers, Orilla Beatles, Canadian Olympic kayak Champion Adam van Koeverden and the gang from Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak.

The event kind of took me by surprise. I agreed to do the event - but knew little about it.  So I was a tad blown away when I showed up and discovered I was paddling my Canadian flag canoe in a large pool set up on the corner of Young and Dundas in Toronto, and while doing the demos I was being filmed and projected on massive television screens that could be seen and watched by hundreds of people attending the event (and also just walking by).

It felt good to be on the water - even if it was in downtown Toronto. And it was a blast to do some media segments - especially the weather report with City TV. My favourite part of the day, however, was getting my picture taken with a women visiting from the U.K.. She wanted to get in the pool with me and paddle the Canadian flag canoe. She claimed it would be the ultimate thing to do while in Canada. So after all the waivers were signed for the government, she was able to share a few minutes of paddling with me in the pool, and even got on television when she yelled out "Look, I'm a true Canadian."