For the month of July I have the fantastic job of my own outdoor column on CBC Radio. How it works is that every Monday I sit in a studio where I happen to be traveling at the time, and be interviewed about camping by hosts from coast to coast. Nineteen cities in total, from St Johns' to Whitehorse. It's a series, starting with camp cooking, then how to camp comfortably and finishes with how to camp with children.

What an incredible opportunity. But it's not the easiest job in the world. The difficulty isn't being interviewed - the hosts and technicians at CBC are awesome to work with. It's the fact that there's no chance to pee during the entire interview process - a total of 5 straight hours.

How it works is from 1-6 I sit in a studio waiting for the city to phone and do the interview. Each interview lasts 4-5 minutes, with 2 minutes to spare before the next city phones. Some interviews are pre-taped and some are live. You never know which ones are live until you start. And the only time allocated to take a pee break is that, by chance, one of the cities cancels out.

Thankfully, Toronto cancelled out on my first run of interviews this week. that gave me from 3:35 to 3:47 to urinate. Problem is, the washrooms are a good jog away from the studio. On my sprint down the corridor, however, I managed to pass the entire gang from CBC's Sports desk (cool!) and even dodge around Peter Mansbridge (really cool!)

My next line up of interviews will be done in the studio in Charlettown, PEI. Let's hope the washrooms are a little closer and the CBC celebrities continue to get in my way during the pee breaks - I'm hoping for Rex Murphy.