The following is [former] editor James Little's note from the Spring 2012 issue of explore, in which he describes the changes to the magazine.

The issue mailed to subscribers last week and will be on newsstands March 5th. Not a subscriber? You can change that for only $17.95.

As many of you will have noticed, there’s something a little different about this issue of the magazine. Actually, there’s a lot that’s different about this issue of the magazine.

For starters, it’s bigger than our standard editions have been for a while now. And yes, that means there are more pages devoted to the things you love—adventure stories, gear reviews, destination roundups, profiles and the latest outdoor trends. Plus, it means that we’ve been able to introduce new departments (see for example Getting Started, on page 16) and expand others (such as Go Here, on page 8).

This is also our first annual Spring adventure special, highlighting both Canada’s top adventurers and the best adventures this country has to offer. Starting with this issue, we will now be publishing as a quarterly, with our four editions matching the four seasons. Our next issue—Summer—will come out in May, with a focus on camping. That will be followed in September by our Fall trails report and in November by our Winter special. (Existing subscribers will receive the same number of issues they originally signed up for—e.g., six for a one-year subscription.)

Now, if you’re wondering how you’re going to survive without a more frequent explore fix, you can relax. We’ve totally revamped our website, so you’ll be able to get all kinds of outdoor-adventure news and info throughout the year, including regular installments from our very own Happy Camper, Kevin Callan. Please check out explore-mag.com to keep living the adventure.