My long term publisher, Boston Mills Press, is no longer.  Friends - John Denison, Noel Hudson, Kathy Fraser - had worked on my books since 1987. Now they are no longer. Well, they are but the publishing company is not, I truely miss them and the times we had together. They represented true Canadian publishing. Their past owner, Firefly Publishing, still ownes my books and life goes on. They recently asked me to write the "best 50 routes of Kevin Callan." I thought it was a good idea, except I wanted to add 10 new routes so it didn't resemble the Beatles White Album. They agreed, but only allowed me two months to write up the extra chapters. I have until the end of November and I'm, surprisingly, three-quarters done. It's been a few years since I've written a guide book, Guide books were always my best books to write. It got me out a lot on trips and I loved every minute of it; which is probably why the eight out of ten chapters were written so quickly. I'm almost done. I'd love to write a brand new guide book but the world of publishing isn't going to let that happen at this present date. I'll think of something, however. In the mean time, here's the full list of chapters to be included in my book - "Ontario's Most Scenic Paddle Routes" - to be released March 2011 (new routes have * before them)

  1. Minesing Swamp

  2. Saugeen River

  3. Thames River

  4. Crab Lake

  5. Poker Lake

  6. Serpentine Loop

  7. Mississauga River

  8. Nunakani Lake Loop

  9. Spider Bay Loop

  10. York River

  11. Big Trout Loop

  12. Brent Run

  13. Nipissing River

  14. Barron Canyon

  15. Hogan Lake loop

  16. Kingscote/Scorch Lake *

  17. Noganosh Lake

  18. Magnetawan River Loop

  19. Island Lake *

  20. Charleston Lake

  21. Grants Creek/Pooh Lake

  22. Upper Ottawa River *

  23. Mattawa River

  24. Chiniguichi/Donald Lake Loop *

  25. Chiniquichi/Sturgeon River Loop *

  26. Temagami's Lady Evelyn Loop *

  27. Nellie Lake Loop

  28. To the Crack and Back

  29. Eighteen-Mile Island Loop

  30. Old Voyageur Channel

  31. Philip Edward Island

  32. Elliot Lake Kirkpatrick/Blue Lake Loop *

  33. Mississagi River

  34. Spanish River

  35. Biscotasing Lake Loop *

  36. Lac aux Sables: Bark Lake Loop

  37. Ranger Lake Loop

  38. Lake Superior

  39. Lake Superior's Old Woman Lake *

  40. White River

  41. Upper Missinaibi River

  42. Steel River

  43. Turtle River

  44. Kopka River *

  45. Wabakimi

  46. Hunter Island Loop

  47. Leopold's North Country Loop

  48. The Pines Loop

  49. Bentpine Creeek Loop

  50. Sturgeon Lake / Olifaunt Lake