IMG_5150_jpg_t285Some of my greatest childhood memories revolve around adventuring with my neighbours. The kids on the street would congregate in one of our backyards, and the exploring would begin. As I grew up, and eventually moved out on my own, the 'neighbourliness' of those who lived close to me seemed to diminish. I don't know why this happened. And to be honest, I don't know if I realized it was happening.

They realized in Canmore, Alberta, though. And they did something about it.

In June 2011, Highline Magazine, a Boy Valley-based bi-annual magazine and online community who provides a window into the unique mountain culture and lifestyle of the Canadian Rockies, decided to host the first Know Your Neighbour Night in Canmore. I was so lucky to have been there to take it all in.

The idea was simple -- provide a space to come out and meet fellow Canmore neighbours. The often transient (and active and adventurous!) community of Canmore was the perfect setting for a gathering of this sorts. It was so perfect, in fact, that Highline Magazine just hosted Know Your Neighbour Night, Round Deux, a wildly successful evening of connections, inspiration and new friends.

It's so great to see that the power of neighbourliess is resonating through the mountain culture of Canmore, Alberta. It's from these sorts of efforts that true community is truly created. Not only does it allow the chance to actually meet that person that you've noticed year after year at the local bike or ski swap, but hey, you might come out with a new climbing/skiing/biking/camping/hiking/paddling/(insert favourite pass time here) buddy!

Congrats to Highline Magazine and the Canmore community!

Check out photos from the event on Highline's Facebook Page.