DSC_1079_JPG_t285Very exciting date coming up. It's National Canoe Day this Friday (June 26th.) and celebrations are being held all across the country. The biggest competition for events held for the celebration at this point is between London, Ontario and Peterborough, Ontario (contact Nova Craft Ccanoe for London info and the Canadian Canoe Museum for Peterborough).

How did all this start?

The canoe was named a wonder of Canada in the spring of 2007. To celebrate the occasion the past two years, The Canadian Canoe Museum hosted a party. When news of this filtered out, various others across the country got into their canoes on that day to join in on the celebration. In 2008 National Canoe Day parties were held in London, Windsor, Toronto and Yellowknife to just name a few. There was also participation internationally including the United States and the United Kingdom. This year, we're hoping to keep that canoe-as-wonder momentum going by having another party in Peterborough and encouraging paddlers from coast to coast to coast to join in with canoe-related activities in waters of their own choosing. The idea is to create a citizen-driven annual celebration called National Canoe Day.

What am I doing for National Canoe Day - going canoeing of course. And I'll be posting a video of it on my blog and other media links.

Hope you'll help spread the word and share your day on the water right here on my blog.

National Canoe Day song

The Phillip Aziz Foundation and Nova Craft Canoes, both from London Ontario, forwarded a song written for National Canoe Day. This song was written and interpreted by Marcel Gelinas a local London artist.