My box of ten free copies of "Top 50 Canoe Routes of Ontario" arrived on my doorstep last friday. As the author, I get 10 free copies to give out to my wife, mom, best friends...

I definitely wasn't expecting the book. It was scheduled to be out mid-April and since I've never had a book out on time I was even telling everyone May. Wow. A book out a month early - that never happens.

I celebrated by opening up a bottle of scotch and shared it with myself.

The book is a large format style and has 40 updated - and best - routes from past books and ten new ones.

Here's the new ones:

Kopka river

Old woman lake/lake superior

biscotasing to Spanish River

Chiniguichi Sturgeon river loop

Chiniguichi Donald lake loop

Island lake north of Magetewan River

Algonquin Scortch lake

Temagami Lady Evelyn loop

Kirkpatrick lake loop

Upper Ottawa river

I hope you enjoy the book. It was fun putting it together.