Andy won a prize for oddest piece of garbage found during the Kawartha section of the 2010 Great Wilderness Clean-Up — it was a very used mouth guard. Yuk! He also found a couple used condoms and a dirty diaper; and since I had was wearing his cloves while picking up my garbage (a mere 26 beer cans), he won a free coffee on the way home as well. We all needed a hot coffee during our trip home. It was a wet and cold weekend to be out in the wilds. So miserable in fact that no one showed up on Bottle and Sucker Lake to help us clean up. But we had plenty of help in our crew. My five-year-old daughter, Kyla, and new dog Ellie, was there to help out. Kyla refused to cancel - saying "We're not made out of sugar, Dad." And, to everyone's surprise, we didn't freeze-to-death over night.

I'm still waiting to hear from the rest of the clean-up crews across the planet. Algonquin had a huge group, and so did Saskatchewan, Brazil and all across the U.K. This is one amazing event.

It's also an event we need. Check out my attached video to see the damage some fools did to a piece of Canadian Shield on Bottle Lake. What selfish idiots.

So, if you were involved in this past weeks Great Wilderness Clean Up, don't forget to post your amounts of garbage, oddest piece of garbage and most unique name given to your group — there's prizes to be had!