MOMARMind Over Mountain Adventure RacingAn annual event in Vancouver Island's Cumberland, Atmosphere’s Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (MOMAR) will be returning to Burnaby, BC for the second time on June 2, 2012. MOMAR is an extreme race that incorporates biking, trail running, kayaking orienting, trekking, and even a bit of “bushwacking” for those participating in Vancouver Island’s MOMAR later in the year.

Participants in the race will move from various checkpoints along the route and those who are lagging behind can skip sections to catch up and meet the eight-hour time limit, however it will have an effect on their performance. Racers who complete the most checkpoints with the quickest time win the race. Finding that balance is where the mental part comes in.

According to event organizer Bryan Tasaka, lots of new terrain has been added to the 50 km trek since its debut in Burnaby last year, but don’t expect to find out too much more about the course. The exact location will not be revealed until registration day.

The event is only a couple of weeks away, but there’s still room for participants. The race can be completed in teams of two, four, or even solo if you’re unable to put a team together in time. To sign up or for more information, go to