I love coffee, especially while out on a canoe trip. So when I saw the Handpresso while visiting Nova Craft's Paddle Shop in London, Ontario a few weeks back, I couldn't resist buying this really cool gadget. Nova Craft is the only place selling it right now in Ontario and that's because they were the only retailer who figured it would make a cool espresso maker for camping. Handpresso itself doesn't even promote it for campers. It is costly - $150 — but compared to similar espresso makers, it's not. And even though it's relatively light weight and compact, I wouldn't take it on a portage heavy trip. But I'd definitely take it to the campground, kayaking or leisurely canoe trip. Trust me, the moment you take this thing out and start preparing espresso for everyone around camp, you'll be the most popular person in the group. No electricity is required; just hot water and an E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) Pod. The pods can be picked up at grocery stores and coffee houses (Starbucks makes a good blend).

How it works is simple enough. You pump it up like a tire pump until the pressure needle goes to green. It only takes a few pumps to reach the green. Take note that in the You Tube video attached I had a difficult (but funny) time pumping it up due the fact I didn't close the pressure valve. Then, you just add hot water, place the E.S.E. Pod in the filter holder, close the top and dispense the golden goodness into a mini-enamel camp mug. It's a no mess system.

If you are an espresso-junkie and want a perfect portable and easy-to-use device, this is it.