Eric Ogaard
Credit: Eric Ogaard
Eric Ogaard loves being outside so much that he's made it his job. A paddling instructor at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, he gets out there every single day—but still enjoys recess on the regular. Here's how he described his style.

1. What's your definition of recess?
A gentle, deliberate, healthy pause from anything that is perceived as highly stress related— anytime you feel that you need it.

2. How often do you get outside?
Daily. Work and play provide the means.

3. What are your favourite outdoor activities?
Paddle sports! Stand-up paddling, kayaking, canoeing. I also enjoy cycling.

4. Is there anything you haven't done, but would like to try this year?
Backcountry skiing.

5. What's your favourite thing about being in nature?
Catching its rhythm, being witness to the many moods on the water.