Susan Tree at camp
Credit: Susan Tree
Journalist Susan Tree and photographer/director Hiep Vu try to get outside as much as they can. We asked them about their recess styles and what they love most about the outdoors, and here's what they had to say.

1. What's your definition of recess?
Susan: Getting outside!
Hiep: A nice break.

2. How often do you get outside?
Susan: Everyday or I get grouchy.
Hiep: Not enough.

3. What are your favourite outdoor activities?
Susan: Running, camping, canoeing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and snorkeling.
Hiep: Camping, canoeing, cycling, tennis, snowboarding, and fishing.

4. Is there anything you haven't done, but would like to try this year?
Susan: Wind surfing.
Hiep: Fly fishing.

5. What's your favourite thing about being in nature?
Susan: The magic moments like the northern lights, a powder day, or a beautiful sunset.
Hiep: Getting away from the distractions of the city.