I've uploaded the last video of our famly canoe trip in northern Scotland. The video gives the details of our last few days spent paddling the lochs, scrambling up hills and gawking at the wonderful scenery. And yes, I'd definitely go back and do it again.

What the video doesn't show, however, is how I missed paddling in Canada. I loved the "holiday" of course - paddlling and camping in a remote area I knew nothing about - but I also gained a powerful perspective on how much Ontario really has to offer our "tourists." The people of Scotland I met on my journey were continually jealous, even envious of where I had gained my knowledge and desire for the outdoors - on the waterways of northern Ontario. They defined me - and us - as people who our familiar and comfortable with travel along wilderness waterways. To them it was our culture, just as the kilt and single malt was to theres. The more I travelled Scotland the more I came to realize the treasures we have here in Canada. Literally two days after my Scotland vacation I planned and took part in a 10 day canoe trip in the near north of Ontario. I guess I missed it. Being homesick can be a good thing.