THC_LOGO_jpg_t285My mother always said that change was good. Of course, I think she was referring to the changing of my underwear or socks. But I've taken her advice in relation to spreading my enthusiasm and knowledge of camping and the outdoors. My new project is not a book this year; it's an on-line video website presenting multiple episodes on ways to be a "happy camper." It's going to be a blast!

The launch will be in a few weeks. We're a little behind schedule, mainly because our prop guy, Scott, while dressed in a cheap bear costume for a "bear wise" episode, decided to attack me during filming and managed to break two of my ribs (see previous blogs for the full story). The producer, Kip, wants some extra time to make sure we edit that scene into the episode and, according to my wife, I need some time away from Scott. It's worth the wait though. The Happy Camper on won't disappoint you.

Watch the attached trailer to get a taste of the content - just ignore the 'coming in September' line at the end. Each episode is guaranteed to be funny, witty and full of information!
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