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The Happy Camper: How to Measure Camping Canister Fuel
Don't toss those leftover canisters... find out exactly how much fuel you have left for your next trip
5 of the best outdoor adventures in Kaanapali, Maui
Looking for adventures in Hawaii? Here are five you shouldn't miss
Ultimate Adventure Pairings: Wine, Beer, Hikes and Bikes in Penticton, BC
Adventure pairings in Pentiction, BC, include wine, beer, hikes and bikes...


Think camping season is over? Think again!
Pitch a tent in some Ontario Parks well into October!
Canada has a new national park reserve
Canada's newest national park reserve is a vast wilderness waiting to be...
Free Entrance to Quebec Parks for one day in September
Which park will you choose to explore (did we mention it's FREE?)
There's an app for that: You can now become a citizen scientist with a click of your phone
Help document and celebrate the biodiversity of BC Parks!
Tomorrow Only: Free Entry to All Ontario Provincial Parks
What's better than summer in Ontario Parks? Oh yeah... a free summer...

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