Would you ever climb an iceberg? This past week, Justin Emberley and Kevin Le Morzadec, two friends living in St. John’s, N.L., did just that. The two avid rock climbers scaled a 45-metre iceberg located less than 100ft offshore in Quidi Vidi Harbour. Outfitted in wetsuits and life jackets, they first swam the frigid harbour to reach the iceberg before digging in their picks. After reaching the top, they celebrated with an exhilarating jump off the peak and back into the water.

Some argue that iceberg climbing should be made illegal due to the dangers involved and what the injuries may cost Canada’s healthcare system. However, passionate climbers such as Emberley and Le Morzadec disagree. “Drunk drivers, people eating unhealthy food, smoking—that stuff all costs billions,” says Le Morzadec. There is a small danger of the iceberg collapsing, but, he says, there are risks involved with any extreme sport.

He also stresses that it wasn’t an impromptu decision—the two had been thinking about climbing an iceberg for about a year before making their first attempt last week. It’s important to be prepared with the right tools and knowledge before undertaking any climbing challenge—let alone one of Titanic proportions.

Read the full interview at The National Post.

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of the climbers’ jump.