First you need a slackline: either tension a length of webbing or buy a pre-made kit  (Balance Community Slackline Outfitters). The tighter you make it, the easier it will be to balance. Pick a place with a smooth landing zone, and if possible get spotters to soften your falls. You should either go barefoot or use thin-soled, snug-fitting shoes, so you can feel the line. Then keep these tips in mind:

  • Loosen up. Keep your feet and ankles partially bent and your hips and torso relaxed.

  • Look straight ahead. Pick a spot at eye level at the other end of the line. Do not look at your feet or the line. Put your arms out to help balance and keep your upper body over your feet.

  • Before you walk, stand. Practice balancing on each foot first. Then try walking.

  • Take small, rhythmic steps. Listening to music sometimes helps.

  • Have fun. It's not easy, but you will get better with practice.