Mountain campers

Camping with a group? Follow these 10 tips to ensure everyone has a good time

Planning the trip

  • Make sure you have compatible skill levels and expectations before you set out.
  • Don’t overcrowd the campsite. Keep the numbers down to six or fewer.
  • Plan out beforehand who’s bringing what.
  • Promote self-sufficiency. Borrowing personal items such as a toothbrush is a no-no.
  • Each person should have specific tasks 
at camp.

While on the trip

  • Never complain about the 
weight of your pack (especially 
if you’re carrying less than everyone else).
  • Don’t brag about your gear.
  • Don’t sleep in late when everyone else gets up early.
  • Don’t become chatty while the others are trying to be quiet and savour the sunset.
  • Stop complaining about the weather.