As a rule, you should plan for 40 minutes of cooking time per day for dinner and 20 minutes for breakfast. For a five-day trip, you’ll be having four dinners (two hours and 40 minutes of burn time) and four breakfasts (one hour and 20 minutes). Add an extra hour for hot soup on a rainy afternoon or a double-dose of coffee on a cold morning. That adds up to five hours of fuel for five days. If the stove runs on white gas, you’ll use up to one litre of fuel every three days, which means you pack two litres for five days to be on the safe side. If you have a butane or propane stove, then two large-sized canisters should do it.

TIP: never fill your white gas storage container to the top; always fill it to the three-quarter mark. If it’s full, it won’t create pressure in the container and the stove won’t light.