Credit: Andrew Webber

Thornhill Lookout, Terrace

(GPS: 54 29’ 28.89” N 128 26’ 12.76” W)

This lookout has been restored to the original 1920s structure — complete with interpretive signage and fire-finder. The lookout will also function as a warming hut. The trail to this lookout is a five-kilometre moderate hike that follows an old mining trail. Panoramic views of the Skeena and Kitimat Valleys await those willing to tackle this five- to eight-hour return trip. Accessed via Thornhill Mountain Road, off Old Lakelse Drive, about eight kilometres east of Terrace.

Nahatlatch Lookout, Boston Bar

(GPS: 50° 01’ 18” N 121° 34’ 18” W)

This was a full restoration — the entire building was replaced. The site features interpretive signage with information about the restoration and tales from forest rangers past. Access north of Boston Bar via Old Chaumox Road to Four Barrel Mainline Forest Service Road; Nahatlatch Lookout Trail is about six kilometres into Four Barrel (posted). The trail starts as an overgrown road — the lookout is about a four-kilometre hike each way; enjoy Fraser Canyon views throughout your day-trip.

Buchanan Lookout, Kaslo

(GPS: 49° 56’ 16” N 116° 56’ 50” W)

This lookout has been restored to the level of fully functional — with a fire finder, interpretive signage, kiosks and a diorama. Access the trail to Buchanan Lookout about 12 km west of Kaslo (off Buchanan Forestry Road) — you can drive to the lookout point and enjoy easy two-kilometre hiking trail and a picnic spot once there. This is a great recreation location for families and casual wilderness walkers.

Owen Hill Lookout, Houston

(GPS: 54° 11’ 08” N 126° 52’ 10” W)

A relatively short hike with a great payoff, the Owen Hill Lookout is located on the Barrett Hat Trail. To access, drive 15 km west of Houston, along Highway 16, to Barrett Hat Road; continue another 1.5 km until you reach a junction and the start of the Barrett Hat Trail. The trail begins as an overgrown road — the lookout can be reached in about an hour from this point.

Mara Lookout, Enderby

(GPS: 50° 45’ 56” N 118° 50’ 34” W)

Perched on the Hunters Range and overlooking the Shuswap Highlands, Monashee Mountains and Mabel and Shuswap Lakes, the Mara Lookout offers incredible vistas of flowering alpine meadows, expansive valleys and shimmering lakes. You’ll need a four-wheel-drive to get to the trailhead, located on La Forge Road. The Mount Mara Lookout Trail is marked, and takes about two to three hours to reach the lookout.