Labrador Coast
Credit: Sang Trinh
The Wonderstrands in southern Labrador may or may not be the coastline mentioned by Eric the Red 1,000 years ago. What is indisputable, though, is that the two long beaches, separated by a rocky point, together make up one of the country’s best, yet least-known, coastal hikes. To the west, the Mealy Mountains rise up to a height of more than 3,000 feet, while to the east lies the Labrador Sea, with icebergs floating past in the early summer. The four- to six-day trip starts in Cartwright, an end-of-the-road former fur-trading port, with a boat ride up the coast to Fish Cove Point. From here, it’s 30 uninterrupted kilometres to Cape Porcupine, the dividing line between the north and south Strands. After a short hike across the point, it’s another 25 kilometres to the end of the beach at Sandwich Bay. The hiking is almost all on the flat sandy beach, and there’s a good chance of spotting caribou, black bears, porcupines and whales the entire way. What you won’t see are humans; even boats offshore are a rare site.

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