I'm a canoeist and always will be. So why did I just register for the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge First off, because it's in Timmins. I like Timmins. Besides, I've participated in countless paddling events this season - but all were in southern Ontario - so it's about time I went north to take part in one. Second, I may prefer to canoe but that's not to say I dislike kayaking. I'm not good at it, of course. So I'm wondering why the organizer, Guy Lamarche, has asked me to sign up as one of the celebrity paddlers. It will be an embarrassment for sure. I'm still looking forward to it, however. I'll even be heading up early to go on a short two night kayak trip to New Post Falls with Rick Isaacson from Howling Howling Wolf Expeditions.

If you have a kayak and want to experience the true north, join me in the race. There's lots of prices and you're pretty much guaranteed to not come in last. That position will be left for me.