Life is wonderful. I was in the middle of writing a very serious blog for today; one that discussed the Flathead River Valley Environmental Issue. But I think I'll hold that one off for a bit. After all, everyone knows that us humans have tried to dominate over our environment and we will definitely pay for it in the near future if we don't change our attitudes and understandings of nature. So lets be a little less serious for once. A better sample of this exact environmental topic is this video of a pro kayak angler being attacked by a goose. That's right - a goose! My friends Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan emailed me the video and I could sense their laughfter while they viewed it over and over again. Yes, nature will fight back; and usually just at the moment when you begin to believe you have begun to harmonize with it. Maybe my student in my Environmental Issues nightschool class was right last week when he said "Humans really don't belong to nature - we are aliens put her thousands of years ago; after all, no other species on this planet seperates itself so much with its environment then us humans." Interesting point.

I'll send the more serious blog in a few days - but for now, get a kick out of this guy being attacked by a goose. It's absolutely hilarious!