scott and kevin0001_JPG_t285I thought I had got used to the business of Toronto. I was wrong. This week I found myself working in the city and thought a visit to the Explore office on St. Patrick St. was in order. I was traveling with a workmate, Scott Adams, who's a generation Y techno junky that's very used to the hectic lifestyle of Toronto — which is why he has fun teasing me about my inability to locate myself on city streets. I'm used to finding my way across an island-clad lake or locating unmarked portages, not detecting one way streets or tracking down a chain of hotdog venders. And I will admit that Scott, equipped with his i-Pod-touch navigation system, is far better than me with city driving. But it was my vehicle, so I drove — and, surprisingly, pinpointed not only the Explore office but also the best parking and the finest coffee house prior to our visit.

My success, however, made me somewhat pompous. I should have known better. Arrogance will get you in a lot of trouble navigating in the woods; and it will totally embarrass you when traveling in Toronto.

We had just finished our chat with James, the editor, and the rest of the gang at Explore and were in the midst of making our departure. I opened the door to exit the building and, puffing up my chest like a flaunting male spruce grouse, made the snobbish claim that I had successfully won over my lack of city navigation. I then opened the door and…walked into the closet! True story.

Needless to say, Scott's driving next time we go to Toronto.