Why you should go to Whistler Olympic Park now

Why now

Because even though you're not competing in the Olympics, there's still something neat about skiing at the same world-class facility that the best cross-country teams will be hitting this winter. And there's an excellent chance you'll see some of the top athletes as they prepare for the Games. Just don't get too depressed when they pass you as though you're standing still.

What to do:

The actual competition loops are closed to the public, but Whistler Olympic Park will still have about 30 kilometres of trails open for most of the winter. For starters, check out the Madeley Creek Loop, which runs through old-growth forest, and the Around the World trail, which gives you a pull-out-your-camera view of the entire valley. The neighbouring Callaghan Country backcountry operation also offers 42 kilometres of trails, in addition to a deluxe wilderness lodge.

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