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Gear Guide: Gear That Gives Back
As part of a growing trend in the outdoor industry, these worthwhile products contribute to social and environmental change worldwide.
Gear Guide: Canada Goose Trenton Soft Shell
Gear review special! Interested in a premium soft shell for spring? We test the awesome new Canada Goose Trenton Soft...
Gear Guide: The Best Merino Wool Blends
Modern merino wool blends are getting better and better every year. Here are three of our favourite wool-blend garments for...
Gear Guide: Wet Weather Pair
It is spring. It is wet. Here are two essential items to keep you dry—it's just that simple.
Gear Guide: 3 Spring Essentials
Essential picks for the spring meltdown: a speed-hiking shoe, a waterproof iPod and laundry detergent (yes, laundry detergent!).
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